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One ticket per Issue/Task

We have multiple techs working in different shifts to provided 24x7 support. Mentioning multiple issues in same ticket will make the ticket very long. So when new tech comes to shift and take over. He/She will have to go through the whole ticket spending time reading problems that are already resolved. It causes delay and sometimes confusion too. So one ticket per issue will help us resolve issues faster.

  • If you have two unrelated problems/tasks then open a separate ticket for each problem
  • If one problem/task is completed/resolved. Then open a new ticket for new task instead of updating the same ticket

Exception (Case where you shouldn't open multiple tickets)

If you have a list of tasks (4 or more ) that needs to be done on server. Then open ticket with numbered list of tasks. And our team will complete them and reply you back.

No additional tasks should be added after you open the ticket. So make sure you double check the list of tasks before opening ticket. And in case you missed some tasks then open a new separate ticket for them.

Ticket Subject Line

The brief description or subject line is the most important part of any support message that you write. It’s the first thing the support staff will see, and it gives the entire request context.

Bad subject lines give no context, are hastily written, and waste valuable space with redundant wording and punctuation.

Bad examples:

  • URGENT!!!
  • Need help now!!

Good subject lines can still convey urgency, while explaining why an issue is so important right off the bat.

Good examples:

  • URGENT: All sites shows database error
  • All outgoing emails from server are rejected


No bumping ticket board

You should not bump tickets with multiple updates. As each update resets the tickets timer and put it at the end of the ticket queue. So if you keep updating the ticket then your ticket will keep going back to the end of ticket queue. And reach techs very very late.

Focus on the Details

Sometimes we receive ticket with very vague explanation. And we have to go back and forth with several updates just to understand the exact problem. Unfortunately we cannot paste any ticket in public due to our privacy policy. So we just created a dummy chat of what generally happens to give you an idea.

Client: My email server is down. Please check.

Tech: I checked and your email server is up and running. Also emails are going in/out from server.

Client: The site is not able to send emails.

Tech: Logs shows emails are working fine for that domain too. I also confirmed it by creating a test email account and sent email.

Client: Yes, but user has problem sending emails

Tech: Can you ask the user to browse and get his ip address.

Client: His IP is xx.xx.xx.xx

Tech: Server firewall blocked the IP due to multiple login failure. I have unblocked the IP now. Ask him to try again

Client: Thank you it's working now

As you can see above a lot of time had been saved if the the client had just told us directly that user is not able to send emails. Even tough he knew the problem was just with one email account. He didn't provide the details and it caused huge delay in resolution.

Nothing will get your issue resolved more quickly than providing as much relevent detail as possible the very first time you reach out with a support request. Don’t wait for our techs to ask questions, give them the information up-front and you’ll get much better results. Here’s a list of things to consider when crafting your initial support ticket:

  • When exactly did you first notice the problem?
  • Have any updates been applied to the software/script in question, or any related software, recently?
  • Have you made any changes in your site?
  • Can the issue be replicated on multiple computers, and/or multiple mobile devices?
  • Is your problem happening in one browser, or all of them?
  • Do you see any specific error messages?

Scheduled Tasks

To schedule tickets to be done at a specific time

  • We must be informed 24 hours in advance
  • We need 8 hour window of work time.

We will try our best to accomodate scheduled requests but if we are unable to complete it within the requested time window, it will be automatically rescheduled for the same time window the following day

Fair Use Policy

Our service is detailed and priced as a shared server management service and we are proud to offer unlimited support tickets at extremely low monthly price. So we ask you to be considerate of others. You should not open large number of unnecessary tickets and cause problem for other users who use our service.

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